Cliquez au dessus


Danielle Le Bricquir

(Paris, 1941)

Danielle Le Bricquir creates to resist being submerged.

She introduces poetry into daily life to produce pieces fresh and essential as those Aloïse.
Curious and tireless, the artist invites us into magical tours talking us – who knows? – Alice’s land behind the mirror.
Her work expresses humanity’s emotions, love, serenity beautified by her imagination , also tensions and violence. Her pieces come forth, like revelations, carrying the memory of roadside calvaries from her childhood in Brittany, blended with images of mythical beings brought back from distant journeys.
There is, underlying her simple creatures, a joyously and subtly ferocious quality which moves us and leaves us convinced that, beyond our nightmares, life is a source of happiness.

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