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Claudie Poinsard

Metisse-Franco-Cameroonian, Claudie Poinsard was born in Douala, the improbable encounter between a young Cameroonian whose family has age-old origins to bland and an engineer from french surveyor of Lorraine and Provence terroirs. ” I’m one of the many paradoxes that the chance of life has the secret, revealing the disorder of colonization, there even where the latter was bent to of. the order. » Born between two cultures, she sets out on the international scene painting rich and dense, started by the installations and performances.
In its plastic approach, she is planning bodies to the limits of their representation. Its thematic aims to deconstruct the beautiful shape of the body, that of double mirrored left appear the emptiness. The image of the body, melted or figurative, lost in the material and listed in the line, fragments showing the arbitrariness of its envelope.
At the workshop, movement in the book as the unexpected her leads to a plurality, to not standardize its approaches. The main areas of his work fear modern humanity: the question of the roots, the culture of waste, the cult of beauty, and more recently the loneliness in being.


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