Painter, sculptor

Isabelle Bonafoux

(Grenoble, 1959)

Spontaneity and innocence

“Contemporary primitives” are artists who today build their own language.
Their expression is spontaneous, instinctive, out of time, fashions and any scholarly reference, as close as possible to their inner need. By inventing their words, their grammar, a revival towards a “childhood” or a “first” state of the art, immediately readable by all.
Isabelle Bonafoux tells stories. The anecdote becomes, with it, legendary, mythical, timeless story.

It offers a return to the original freshness, innocence and purity of the world. Pierre SOUCHAUD – Artension
Studies at the Beaux-Arts de Lyon, exhibition since 1981.
The works of Isabelle BONAFOUX have been presented by the gallery since 2006.


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