Painter, sculptor

Les Guallino

Anne POIRÉ et Patrick GUALLINO

The colors of happiness

Anne Poiré and Patrick Guallino are sparkling artists, who are immersed in painting, words, sculpture, poetry, and the world …
Two artists for the same score played with four hands.
Patrick Guallino, the colorist, crosses the brush with Anne Poiré, poet, for an unclassifiable and abundant work.
Self-taught, they mix the whole range of the most vivid tones and their joie de vivre, for more than thirty years, in poetic and spontaneous works.
Their paintings, radiant, in the colors of the heart, between laughter and smiles, their books, for adults and children, translate emotion and human warmth.
These two “sowers of happiness” exhibit all over the world, as well in Singapore as in Aspen, in Hanoi or in Luxembourg …

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