Kurt Josef Haas

(Zurich, 1935)

Born 1935 – Kurt Josef HAAS grows up in the Old Town of Zürich where his parents have a Junk Shop (second-hand).

The family move to Näfels (canton of Glarus) where Kurt goes to the Commercial School. In 1956 he marries Silvia Landolt; they have four children and move back to Zürich where Kurt works as a commerical employee.

In 1968 he begins to paint and draw in his free time. Thanks to successful exhibitions in Galerie Hilt, Zürich, and Art Basel, he gradually reduces his commercial work in 1989 and continues his career as an artist. Kurt and his wife then travel around Europe in their houseboat.

In 1991 Kurt returns to Zürich; his exhibitions take him to such places as Paris and Bordeaux; also to Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium; in 1999/2000 he even goes to New York.

His artistic career is a great success and his art is much admired.


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