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(Paris, 1976)

“As with the picture, so with poetry, some artist’s hand will take you more, the nearer that you stand.” (Horace)

An invitation to travel … Minutiouse brown papers collages by Lamiel are inspired by images brought back from her different journeys around the world, more particularly in Africa: Senegal, Mali, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia… but also in Southeast Asia. We are immediately taken by the atmosphere of the scenes we discover and which, by the shapes, the reliefs and the colors evoke these countries. A world from which a poetry of discreet lyricism, of great softness and purity, which inspires us to dream, emerges.
Lamiel’s technique (cutting, gluing, assembling papers) is a slow process, which requires precision, thoroughness, delicacy and lightness.
But, more than anything else, it is in the emotional and sentimental impact of his artistic creations that Lamiel’s true singularity resides. In his work, there is an immense feeling of calm and silence, of harmony.
Her art is truly a form of natural visual poetry.

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