Nicolas Rudler

(Vosges, 1967-2009)

My work is the reflection of a look at the world and myself

A reflexive moment, an exchange between nature and man, from which a representation materialises that is not an end in itself, but rather a question, opening up other possibles.
What I propose is recomposition, mixing earthenware and stone with the dead wood of roots. The elements come together and bind.
The root is the foundation, ambivalent and multiple. It can be read like matter or like a path, guiding or being guided by unconscious attractions. You have to enter like the extension of a natural gesture into the matter that is dead or in the process of decomposing. The recomposition of dreamlike universe: the curve of a root takes on consciousness; a secret like revealed. The stone become a burden, a guiding it. In the research of moulding, a dialogue is woven between the natural gesture frozen in the root, the stone and the human look.


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