Painter, sculptor

Rémi Trotereau

(Vierzon, 1956)

An immediate emotional shock

Rémi TROTEREAU is a self-taught artist “out of the ordinary”, a true creator, in constant search.
For him, invention is the essential engine of creation. Once the process has started, you have to take on the adventure until the end.
After various experiences in his youth (drawing, music, ceramics, decorations …), in 1993, he launched into painting. Since 1997: rapid evolution towards a very particular form of expression (half-sculpture, half-painting, very expressive bas reliefs).
Working instinctively, without sketching, Rémi TROTEREAU likes to confront the work without preparatory work. He explores the material with strength and conviction.
Mysterious reliefs, crushed materials, works from another world, of an undeniable presence.
His works, unusual and in their raw state, are solidly built according to an internal logic where softness and violence coexist, rupture and harmony, in a lyricism which sometimes becomes fire.

The art of TROTEREAU is an epidermal and tactile art.
He builds a world that leaves spectators upset or horrified, but still confused.
Many exhibitions in France since 1984, at Galerie Otéro since 1999.
Foreign exhibitions: Barcelona, ​​Beirut, Brussels, Ghent.
His works have joined the public collections of the Carcassonne Museum, the Fine Arts Museum of Pau, or the Massey Museum in Tarbes.
He now lives and works in Marciac, in the Gers.

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An extraordinary work, out of shape, eradicated from the guts, from the earth, in the most intimate times, the most remote and primitive of our excavations, the most howling.
A crossing of our archaeological and anatomical unconscious, of our visceral eras. To cross the universe of Trotereau is to walk towards the depths of ourselves, to graze the abysses with the steep walls between the vital powers and the gravities of death. Material in births, pupae, fractals and migrants at the same time, these forms like invitations, leave us in the ear, murmur at a rhythm of incantation the pulse of our animality. This art cracks the forms of a great sophistication, it invents this beautiful in the gangue, the essential of the emotion.

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