Catherine Monmarson

Born in 1947 in Orleans

Art studies in Paris.

“It is by drawing, painting, modeling that I have really become aware of the world around me and I now experience art as a privilege. This is the best way for me to stay “awake.”
The painter doesn’t know where his eyesight is going, he paints to find out.
The painter’s eye is one who is astonished, who marvels, who worries. The painter’s gesture is the conductor of a subtle music, held deep within oneself, liberated with simplicity and sincerity to make his way between the unconscious and the sensations and go to meet the emotion.
The Body in question? I work in two stages: first the spontaneous gesture that will take possession of the space, then a slower time, which balances, builds and gives shape to this energy (cohesion, tension and movement). The memory of the body is a reflection of the memory of the mind.
Is the painting propose an inner journey ? Addressing places that reason cannot reach? Turning the invisible into the visible?
Painting, in this sense, is the most solitary adventure, an individual private mystic.”


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