Nathalie Verdier

Belfort 1957

Born in 1957 in Belfort, she descends gradually to the South of France.
Early studies at the School of Fine Arts in Valence (Drôme) allow him to practice intensively and to master the academic drawing. She also discovered the story of Bourdin’s painting at Giacometti. Her increased understanding of drawing quickly guides her to her own writing.

In 1983, she returned to the School of Decorative Arts in Nice, and saw a period of questioning. The influence of Zao-Wou-Ki is very strong during these years.
Then she chooses her path and definitely sticks to pencils and brushes. A parallel work in the studio of Pierre Chave (Vence) has made lithographs for Ernst, Tobiasse, Cottavoz, Broquy, Franta, Curozau, Haiting, Rochon.


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